11 Best Floating Desks 2024 – Wall-Mounted Desks for Small Spaces

</p><p>Available in an array of styles and sizes, floating desks are mounted directly to the wall to save floor space. There are folding desks that can be tucked away when they’re not being used, as well as more spacious surfaces that offer storage, like drawers, cabinets and shelves. Most wall-mounted desks offer more than enough space to support your laptop, plus an assortment of office supplies — but, you can also use a versatile floating desk as a small dining table or kid’s crafting area. </p><p>Another pro? Floating desks tend to be less expensive than traditional desks and <a href=” target=”_blank”>standing desks</a>. All of our picks are under $300, including a few worthy <a href=” target=”_blank”>computer desks under $100</a>. As always, before buying a new <a href=” target=”_blank”>home office desk</a>, be sure to carefully measure your space and consider assembly and installation. Keep reading to find out what else to look for when shopping for a wall-mounted desk, and consider checking out our roundup of the <a href=” target=”_blank”>best desk chairs</a> while you’re at it.</p>”/>

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