4 home office trends to enhance your workspace


A non-existent commute, wearing your comfiest clothes, and no fighting over the office air-con? Sounds good to us. It’s no surprise that working from home continues to be popular, with many adopting a hybrid approach since the pandemic.

If you’re looking to spruce up your work-from-home space, then look no further with these top home office trends for 2024.

As working from home becomes more ingrained into our lives, a shift from makeshift spaces towards those dedicated to the task is increasing in popularity. In homes without a dedicated office, workspaces that are removed completely at the end of each workday will reign supreme.

Charlie English, marketing director at Woods Furniture, explains: ‘Now several years into working from home, we’re bound to see people take back areas of their property and create a clear divide between business and pleasure. For those who created a makeshift home office set-up, 2024 will see this turn into a completely mobile office that clears away by the end of the day.

a room with a desk and chairsa room with a desk and chairs
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‘Multifunctional furniture will be pivotal to making people’s work from home office work for them – from extendable dining tables to feature chairs, creating a space that you can take back for yourself and use for your everyday life makes all the difference. Worktop organisers will work harder in creating a functional day set-up that can be stored away in a sideboard. Who wants to see keyboards and wires in their dining room?’

Forget drab, clinical spaces – the home office of 2024 will be welcoming, stylish and personalised. No longer a hastily assembled area, work-from-home spaces will be as stylishly considered as any other room of the house.

‘With more and more people opting for flexible working, it’s important to have not only a functional office but also a stylish one that inspires you to do the best work,’ says Mara Rypacek Miller, manager director of Industville Ltd.

‘Working from home gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your workspace. Use art that inspires you, wallpaper that matches your scheme or add plants to create a greener area. Light plays a vital role in home offices; a well-lit, nicely-designed office is needed to boost creativity and motivation! There are some amazing lighting options available so you don’t need to break the bank creating a professional at-home workspace.’

Thanks to their calming and soothing nature, neutral hues will always be popular in home offices. The year ahead promises a cosy, earthy twist on this classic look, amped up by natural texture and plush soft furnishings.

In 2024, home offices will transform with a focus on pale neutrals, inspiring creativity, productivity, and tranquillity,’ says Debbie Leigh, design manager at ILIV. ‘Soft mushroom greys, gentle blush tones, and subtle earthy neutrals will dominate. These versatile shades allow personalisation without overwhelming the workspace, promoting a clean, sophisticated aesthetic conducive to focus and collaboration.

a desk with a chair and a lamp on ita desk with a chair and a lamp on it

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‘Expect a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, with ergonomic furniture, layers of soft furnishings and natural materials like light wood and stone adding warmth. In essence, home offices will embrace a refined, neutral palette for a balanced and inspiring atmosphere, where pale hues enhance productivity and interesting neutrals add character to the modern home office.’

Say goodbye to minimalism, and hello to detail.

Creating a stylish focal point in home offices is going to be key in 2024,’ says Helen Shaw, director of marketing (international) at Benjamin Moore.

There’s plenty to get experimental with to make this trend work. You could use wallpaper to create a feature wall, paint silhouettes and patterns, or invest in striking statement furniture. Your video calls never looked so good.

Helen suggests: ‘Opting for painted panels in a mid-century palette offers the perfect opportunity for the intersecting panels to frame wall fixtures and artwork in an elegant way to design a space. Plan out your panel outlines very faintly in pencil using a spirit level and masking tape before you start painting, taking furniture and wall fixtures into consideration. For a unique and individual look, continue the concept onto the ceiling or window recess.’

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