5 Expensive-Looking Wall Colors for Your Living Room


When it comes to designing your living room, you priority should be creating a space that feels timeless so you’re not quick to grow bored of your scheme. Color is a key component of pulling a room together, and paint has the power to create a range of atmospheres and moods. ‘Choosing colors that evoke a sense of luxury, and a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference,’ says Artem Kropovinsky of Arsight, an interior design studio based in New York.

So what are the colors that the design experts turn to again and again to create a space that feels luxurious? We’ve spoken to our favorite names in the industry, who turn to these colors for a reliable finish that helps living rooms feel cozy, calming, and high-end. Here are our top recommendations (and some paint ideas for where to shop the designer’s go-to shades too).

1. Go dark and moody with near-black

Benjamin Moore's Temptation on the walls of a lounge area

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

There is something luxurious about a deep and smoky color that is close to black. It feels deliberate and when confidently executed, it has a luxurious quality to it. ‘Dark hues, when used correctly, can add a dramatic and expensive feel,’ says Artem Kropovinsky of Arsight.


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