50 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations


Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. We may earn…

Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

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Jeff Harris

Sculpt a Special Gift Tag

a red and white napkin with a plant on it
It All Started With Paint

We think Valentine’s gifts deserve to be on display for days leading up to February 14, the same way Christmas gifts are. Make your gift wrap aesthetically pleasing, starting with a unique and special gift tag made of air-dry clay. After they open their presents, they’ll treasure the tag.

Get the tutorial at It All Started With Paint.

Shop Air-Dry Clay

Bring Them Flowers That Won’t Wilt

a group of roses
Lia Griffith

No matter the reason you don’t want to do fresh flowers into the home—be it a pet or allergies or a lack of diverse floral options—you can still put in the effort by making your loved one their own bouquet out of crepe paper and wire. The delicate, sculptable paper perfectly resembles petals.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

Shop Needle-Nose Pliers

Make a Minimalist Centerpiece

a bowl of food
It All Started With Paint

If you love Valentine’s Day but not its pink-and-red color palette, these neutral heart-shaped centerpieces are for you. They’re so simple to make, but they look like something you bought at your favorite home goods store.

Get the tutorial at It All Started With Paint.

Shop Neutral Yarn

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Put Out a Bowl of Fortune Cookies

a group of objects next to each other
Lia Griffith

These paper fortune cookies are so unique and pretty darn easy to make. The soft colors would look beautiful in a bowl on your kitchen island or breakfast table, and they’re such a fun way to tell your Valentine about your plans for the night.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

Shop Craft Scissors

Decorate the Cake

a cake with a message on it
It All Started With Paint

Don’t leave your baked goods out of the fun. Show your sweetheart how much you care by taking things a step further and adding a handmade Valentine’s Day cake topper to your cake with a message just for them.

Get the tutorial at It All Started With Paint.

Buy Wooden Skewers

Set the Mood Lighting

a group of small clay houses
Lia Griffith

Give the overhead lighting a break and set the mood with DIY luminaria. These Valentine’s Day–themed paper lanterns are a cute and subtle way to sprinkle the typical holiday colors throughout your home and give it a more romantic atmosphere.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

Shop Tea Lights

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Don’t Forget About the Plants

a white flower in a pot
It All Started With Paint

Within every inch of your home lies room for you to insert at least some kind of Valentine’s Day decorations—plants included. If your partner is the one who goes around watering the greenery in the morning, surprise them by sticking these cute, crafty plush heart stakes among the stems.

Get the tutorial at It All Started With Paint.

Shop Fabric Scraps

DIY an Elegant Wreath

a bouquet of white flowers
It All Started With Paint

Nothing says elegant like white roses. These fake florals will add a level of class to your door and your collection of Valentine’s Day decorations that will make you want to leave it up all year round. Plus, it’s cheaper to make than it looks.

Get the tutorial at It All Started With Paint.

Shop Fake White Roses

Show Them How You Feel

Show Them How You Feel

Show Them How You Feel

Now 41% Off

Declare your love for your Valentine as soon as they walk in the door with this darling balloon framing kit that spells out the word of the day: love. It’s bright enough to immediately catch their eye, and it’ll look so good when they show it off on Instagram.

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Keep It Safe

On Sale

Keep It Safe

No one wants to have their Valentine’s Day ruined by a house fire because someone forgot to blow out the candles. Instead of making a centerpiece for the table with real fire, go the artificial route and make a heart-shaped ring of fire using LED tea lights and faux rose petals.

Hang Mood Lights

valentine decoration ideas

If part of your Valentine’s Day plan involves a romantic flick or two, set the scene with one of these prelit curtains. They consist of a pleated sheer fabric accented with micro lights, the perfect touch for a low-effort decoration scheme.

Shop Curtain Lights

Make a Photo Backdrop

a room with a shelf with red and white vases and flowers
partybarco, Etsy

Snapping a sweet photo (whether it’s of you and your partner or your galentines) is always a good idea. After all, you’re creating memories! Don’t settle for a regular fabric backdrop—create one yourself with metallic heart-shaped balloons.

Shop Balloons

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Keep It Healthy(ish)

California Strawberries

We’re all for edible Valentine’s Day decoration ideas, which is how we discovered these heart-shaped strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. All you need is a box of fresh berries, chocolate chips, and skewers for dipping.

Shop Skewers

Go All Out

valentine decoration ideas
Chelsey Curtis

No matter how small your space is, you can still create a maximalist Valentine’s Day spread. Start with letter-shaped balloons, throw in some light-colored greenery, and the rest is up to you!

Shop Letter Balloons

Incorporate Some Pink

valentine decoration ideas
South Lumina Style

Each of the Valentine’s Day decorations on our list is DIY friendly, but these hand-painted bottle-brush trees are for more experienced crafters. Be prepared: This project will get messy, and it takes a while to decorate a whole blush-toned forest, but it’s worth it.

Peep the tutorial on South Lumina Style’s blog.

Shop Bottle Brush Trees

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Dress Up Mason Jars

diy valentine's day crafts
Mason Jar Crafts Love

Mason jars are easy to come by and serve quite a few purposes, which is why the trusty containers have shown up in plenty of people’s cabinets. If you have a few to donate to your Valentine’s Day decorations, slap on a layer of matte paint and add a few rustic details, including some twine, stickers, and a glittery heart or two.

Shop Mason Jars

Decorate Candles

diy valentine's day crafts
The Pin Junkie

If your Valentine’s Day plans involve a romantic dinner at home, set the mood with tiny votive candles. Here’s our suggestion: Wrap the perimeter with decorative tape and glue a faux blossom to one side. The best part? These candles come in a set of 45 for only $10.

Shop Mini Candles

Make Heart Art

diy valentine's day crafts
Design Improvised

Personalized art is always a good idea—especially when the art is homemade. All you need are a few blank canvases and whatever materials you want to decorate them. We’re feeling the pom-pom hearts, but to each their own.

Shop Pink Pom-Poms

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Mix Candy and Flowers

diy valentine's day crafts
Smart Schoolhouse

This is one of the DIY decorations that looks complicated, but it requires only three (or maybe four, depending on how extra you want to be) materials. The first is a wide vase, the second is a bunch of candy hearts, and the third is a few fresh stems of your favorite flower. If you want to go the extra mile, tie a bow around the whole thing and set it on the dining table.

Shop Candy Hearts

Hang a Minimalist Wreath

diy valentine's day crafts
Lydi Out Loud

A minimalist wreath is another Valentine’s Day decoration that looks much harder than it really is to make. All you need is a large metal ring, faux flowers, wood slices, and ribbon to fasten the whole thing to the door.

Shop Metal Loops

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