Betsey Johnson’s living room embraces the ‘midimalism’ trend |


Given that Betsey Johnson is known for her whimsical, feminine, and frequently over-the-top style, we expected she would have a maximalist interior design style. However, the reality of her home is much more reserved.

The fashion designer’s living room embodies a stunning balance between minimal and maximal design that we can’t get enough of. Her playfully simple space features pared-back glossy wood floors, white walls, and a beige sofa as the neutral base. On top, a yellow-green carpet and a patterned carpet add a touch of texture. Johnson’s coffee table is covered in brightly colored tchotchkes, her sofa is draped in richly patterned throws and an abundance of vibrant fresh flowers fill the corner of the space. Looking at the space, the eye is drawn in several directions, but it never feels boring.


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