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Bryce Dallas Howard’s home office proves pink is a power hue |

Think of a generic home office, and images of plain white walls, wood desks, and beige, wheeled-chairs likely come to mind. Just because these are spaces to conduct work does not mean that they can’t be infused with bright colors and inspiring details; in fact, these elements are encouraged for an optimal WFH experience.

Actor Bryce Dallas Howard makes the case for a light and colorful workspace with her ‘Wes Anderson-inspired home office, as seen on her Instagram page. From the pale rose wallpaper to the built-in green and pink-painted shelving unit, the Argylle and Jurassic World star’s room takes one of the past year’s most popular hues and proves it can truly fit anywhere in the home.

There’s a reason pink is the new black – yes, Barbie-core’s buzz has something to do with it, but experts say that this lively color can boost interior spaces along with our moods.

‘Hot pink is a vibrant and cheerful color that evokes feelings of joy, happiness, love, and excitement,’ explains Benjamin Moore’s International Director of Marketing, Helen Shaw. ‘In the home, this bold paint choice will undeniably make a statement whilst adding a cheerful burst of energy and positivity creating a feeling of being uplifted and confident.’

expert headshot of Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore paint
Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw is a color expert and Director of Marketing (International) at Benjamin Moore. Helen and her husband Craig were also founders of Shaw Paints, acquired by Benjamin Moore in 2020.

Shaw recommends a trusty neutral to make a pink room feel a little more sophisticated, but going full-throttle with pink is an option, too.

‘Consider pairing with a crisp white to allow the boldness of the pink to come through and take center stage,’ she says. ‘Alternatively, rather than painting an entire wall, inject pops of color within the scheme through furnishings and accessories.’

A home office using pink in a similarly impactful way.

(Image credit: Graham & Green))

For those thinking pink but not entirely sure about introducing the color yet, going for a more muted hue can be less intimidating with equally impressive results.

‘A lighter shade of pink can work in every room of the home from the bedroom to a kitchen setting,’ Shaw says. ‘It will add warmth to a north-facing room but also look fresh and polished with the brightness of a south-facing one.’

While bright pinks demand attention, lighter ones can actually provide a serene ambiance, which is particularly beneficial in work environments.

‘The magic of using a softer, almost ‘neutral’ hue is that it will instill a sense of calmness and therefore allow for more statement choices to be made when it comes to finishing touches,’ she says. ‘If you’re looking to add an edge, combine it with a classic black and white stripe; the contrast will instantly create an impact.’

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