DeSantis touted police action against illegal migrants. Most arrests were legal residents | Ap


Inside a packed room at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in June, Gov. Ron DeSantis talked about the many ways his administration is trying to “keep illegals out of the state of Florida” in response to President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

He highlighted a state-led law enforcement operation, which took place June 7-9 in four counties in Northwest Florida. When talking about outcomes, the governor’s message was unmistakable: The state was doing its part to combat illegal immigration because it had arrested several “illegal aliens.”

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kAm%H@ @7 E96 7@FC D96C:77’D @77:46D E92E H6C6 2D<65 E@ A2CE:4:A2E6 😕 E96 DE2E6\=65 DEC:<6 7@C46 H6C6 F?56C E96 :>AC6DD:@? E92E E96 @A6C2E:@? H2D 86?6C2==J 56D:8?65 E@ E2C86E 9F>2? EC277:4<6CD 2?5 @E96C 4C:>6D[ ?@E ;FDE :==682= :>>:8C2E:@? 2D s6$2?E:D DF886DE65]k^Am

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