IKEA’s New RELATERA Collection Will Elevate Your WFH Setup


IKEA is known for its superior Scandi sense of style which makes them one of the best in the minimalist design game, and their newest range has everything you need to elevate your work-from-home set-up.

As the way we work evolves, we’ve found that it’s extremely important to prioritize creating a home office or even a work nook for some distraction-free focus time. Long gone should be the days of struggling to balance your laptop on your sofa with your work tech and files scattered around aimlessly. So if you’re looking for home office ideas to carve a catered working setup for yourself, IKEA’s new RELATERA system will come in handy.

What’s new at IKEA?

A children's desk with a whiteboard and bookshelf

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA’s RELATERA range comes with all the basics needed to get your WFH space in order. The sit-to-stand table is a great trendy piece that works perfectly for people who spend plenty of time seated at their desk jobs and it can be adjusted to heights suitable for when you’re seated or standing, depending on when you’re in the mood to get a little stretch in. It also makes it the perfect adaptable desk for a kids’ room, too, as pictured above.


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