Jacksonville immigration attorney Giselle Carson wins EVE Award


Next March a rugged cruise ship will take Giselle Carson to King George Island in Antarctica, just a few hundred miles from the South Pole, where she plans to run 26.2 miles across the ice and snow.

The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be her 21st marathon and an essential part of her quest to run a race on every continent. She’s already checked off North America, Asia and Europe; South America, Africa and Australia will follow Antarctica.

Living in Jacksonville, it’s going to be impossible to simulate the conditions she’ll face. But for Carson, a 2022 Florida Times-Union EVE Award winner, it’s another challenge in a life that’s already had a few big trials to overcome.

“It’s going to take a mind shift to learn to run on trails, in the snow, in the rain, at elevation,” she said. “It will give me an opportunity to grow.”


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