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Published March 1, 2023

Amy Wilburn, a bankruptcy attorney from award-winning bankruptcy and immigration law firm Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, addresses questions about the bankruptcy case of Alex Jones. In an interview with WLW radio, Cincinnati, the host asked Amy how it is possible for Alex Jones to file bankruptcy despite having about $10 million worth of assets and a $100,000 budget every month.

Amy explained that the bankruptcy court carefully deliberates every case. Bankruptcy provides relief to people dealing with overwhelming liabilities, and the law allows a debtor to keep certain assets to maintain a decent standard of living after filing for bankruptcy. Amy talks about how the court will take a closer look at whether Jones needs this amount of money or not.

According to Amy, the court will consider various factors including the amount of asset Jones had at the time of filing, his future assets, and any future earnings. She also reiterates that the case is a period of negotiation and strategy where Jones and his creditors, in this case, the Sandy Hook families, get to propose a payment schedule of how he will pay off his debts. It is the court’s to decide how much monthly budget Jones needs after taking into consideration his expenses and the agreed payment plan between him and his creditors.

In a separate interview with WIOD radio, Miami Fort Lauderdale, Amy also points out how the court looks carefully at the expenses of the individual filing the bankruptcy and only allows them a budget that is necessary for the reorganization of the debt. She emphasizes that if the filer’s expenses only provide for entertainment instead of essential things such as housing, the court will not allow it.

Amy Wilburn has been helping people as a bankruptcy attorney at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law for years. She attended the Seattle University School of Law while working as a paralegal and earned her degree in 2014. Amy shows professionalism and compassion as she assists people in navigating bankruptcy.

With Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, Amy continues to provide legal representation to clients in need of guidance as they find relief from overwhelming debt. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law believes that people deserve a chance for a fresh financial start. Thus, the firm and its bankruptcy attorneys assist people in bankruptcy cases, especially Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

To assist more individuals, the firm also offers legal representation for immigration-related concerns, including filing for citizenship, visas, and green cards.

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