SixFifty Helps Ukrainians to Find Refuge in the United States Via Temporary Protected Status and Asylum


SALT LAKE CITY, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Salt Lake City based technology company, SixFifty, has launched a free, automated tool to help Ukrainians living in the United States apply to stay in the country during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainians whose visas expire–or would otherwise be required to return home–have two options to stay in the U.S. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and asylum. Both options, however, require complicated applications that are only available in English. SixFifty automated the TPS and asylum applications in English and Ukrainian to help those who may not have easy access to legal help.

“Going home isn’t an option for Ukrainians right now,” said Kimball Parker, CEO of SixFifty.  “Tens of thousands of Ukrainians will need to apply for TPS or asylum over the next several months in order to stay in the U.S. SixFifty is hoping to alleviate the stress of applying during what is surely one of the most challenging moments in their lives.”

“I have friends and family who need to apply for TPS or asylum to stay in the United States, including my mother,” says Kateryna Kravchenko, a Ukrainian citizen who is studying linguistics at Brigham Young University and has helped with the translation of SixFifty’s tool. “This free tool gives me comfort that they can find a way to stay in the United States legally.”

SixFifty recommends that applicants use its free tools in conjunction with an attorney, although Ukrainians can use the tool directly. SixFifty’s system asks a series of questions in English and Ukrainian that pertain to either the TPS or asylum applications. Based on the user’s responses, SixFifty’s system fills out the application documents and emails a copy to the user with instructions on how to proceed. For the TPS application, SixFifty’s product can also populate a work authorization form and an attorney representation form. SixFifty worked with the Refugee Justice League and other immigration experts to ensure the tool would be as effective as possible in helping those in need.

“We are currently being flooded with requests from various Ukrainian communities seeking legal help,” said Jeffrey O’Brien, Founding Partner at O’Brien Immigration. “Using SixFifty’s tools will allow us to help Ukrainians apply more efficiently.”

“Our pro bono volunteers at Wilson Sonsini are eager to assist in the TPS and asylum process, said Luke Liss, Pro Bono Partner at Wilson Sonsini. “With the help of SixFifty’s groundbreaking technology, we hope to help many more individuals stay in the United States in the coming months than would otherwise be possible.”

SixFifty works with the law firm Wilson Sonsini to automate employment and privacy paperwork for companies across the United States. SixFifty uses the proceeds from those products to build free tools for people who need legal help. During the COVID-19 pandemic, SixFifty helped tens of thousands of people to avoid eviction and foreclosure for free through and This is SixFifty’s first product helping people with immigration law issues.

SixFifty’s free TPS and asylum tools can be found at SixFifty is holding a webinar on April 6, 2022 at 11am MT (1PM ET) about how attorneys can use the tool to help Ukrainians. The webinar is free. Anyone who would like to attend can register using this link.

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