States band together to block immigration policy | Ap


On the morning of April 28, Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton filed his 11th immigration-related lawsuit against the Biden administration, submitting his paperwork before a U.S. District Court judge in the panhandle city of Amarillo and then issuing a news release about it.

That same day, a coalition of 14 other red states filed a similar lawsuit in an Arizona federal district court.

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kAmp>@?8 E96 v~! H:?Di %6I2D DF446DD7F==J 492==6?865 2 `__\52J 56A@CE2E:@? >@C2E@C:F> :DDF65 E96 52J q:56? H2D :?2F8FC2E65] %6I2D 2?5 |:DD@FC: 3=@4<65 E96 D@\42==65 #6>2:? 😕 |6I:4@ A@=:4J E92E H2D 962C5 😕 =2E6 pAC:= 3J E96 &]$] $FAC6>6 r@FCE] %6I2D 2?5 {@F:D:2?2 A2CE:2==J 3=@4<65 ?6H 5:C64E:G6D 6DE23=:D9:?8 AC:@C:E:6D 7@C H9@ D9@F=5 36 A:4<65 FA 2?5 56A@CE65] pC:K@?2 2=D@ A2CE:2==J 3=@4<65 D:>:=2C AC:@C:E:6D]k^Am

kAmq@=E6C D2:5 :E’D ?@ 4@:?4:56?46 E92E E9:D ?6H A96?@>6?@? @7 DE2E6D 32?5:?8 E@86E96C E@ 492==6?86 7656C2= 24E:@? @? :>>:8C2E:@? 4@>6D 2E 2 E:>6 H96? r@?8C6DD 92D 366? 6IEC6>6=J 8C:5=@4<65 @? E96 :DDF6]k^Am

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kAm~E96C E92? E96 =682= AC64656?E D@>6E:>6D D6E 3J E96 A2CE:D2? =2HDF:ED E92E DF44665[ D96 D2:5[ 2 =2C86C =2DE:?8 67764E 92D 366? 2 5:>:?FE:@? @7 ECFDE 😕 8@G6C?>6?E 2?5 E96 :>>:8C2E:@? DJDE6>]k^Am

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kAm©a_aa %96 !6H r92C:E23=6 %CFDED] ‘:D:E 2E k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]A6HECFDED]@C8^6?^C6D62C49\2?5\2?2=JD:D^3=@8D^DE2E6=:?6QmDE2E6=:?6]@C8k^2m] s:DEC:3FE65 3J %C:3F?6 r@?E6?E p86?4J[ {{r]k^Am


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