Texas lawyer goes viral on TikTok for starting all-pink legal practice


In the legal industry, conservative suits are usually expected and required as appropriate office attire. However, one Texas lawyer is going viral for flipping the script on traditional corporate outfits.

Immigration attorney Kathleen Martinez started an all-pink law firm based in the Lone Star State, and the video she posted to TikTok explaining why her new legal practice employs pink branding has been viewed 5.4 million times as of late August.

The video starts with a photo of Martinez at her law school graduation from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California.

She’s then seen in different pictures wearing a variety of all-black work outfits with the caption, “Working for male attorneys who told me to dress conservatively so I could be taken seriously,” posted over them.

The viral video then changes to show Martinez and three of her colleagues dressed in bright pink suit dresses with matching heels.

“I started my own firm with a pink brand and took/stole their clients in the process,” the video shows after the outfit change.

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It’s not just her employees’ outfits that are pink though. The law firm’s website is too.

Martinez told Entreprenuer magazine that after having to dress in “understated fashion” so her male colleagues took her seriously as a lawyer, she chose pink to represent her new legal practice because it embodies femininity and what she wants to change about the industry

According to her, what someone wears shouldn’t define how successful that person can be. 

“We embrace our femininity and it hasn’t prevented us from success,” Martinez said. “Our clients find that we stick out from other immigration lawyers and our clients specifically remember us because of our pink brand, billboards and advertisements. Female clients hire us because they like our feminist agenda and can relate to us when it comes to gender inequality and discrimination.”

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Responses to her viral video ranged from users complimenting the outfits and agreeing with Martinez’ mission to expressing their wish to work for her and even comparing her to Elle Woods from the movie “Legally Blonde,” where Reese Witherspoon plays a Harvard law student who often wears pink and tries to overcome stereotypes about blonde girls by getting a law degree. 

“Like it’s hard?” Martinez replied back to some of the Elle Woods comments, referencing an iconic line Reese says in the film.

Martinez’s law firm operates virtually in all 50 U.S. states and currently employs about 10 other attorneys, according to her website and TikTok


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