The Bankruptcy Attorney in Austin at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Helps With Debt Relief


AUSTIN, TX – (NewMediaWire) – October 12, 2022 – Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is offering debt relief services to Austin TX, residents dealing with huge debts they can’t service. The law firm understands the significant impact of debt on individuals, families, and businesses. It thus offers personalized services that consider the client’s situation and provide unique solutions to achieve debt relief.

Speaking on their debt relief services, the law firm’s spokesperson noted that they take a compassionate approach to help each client that walks through their doors. Additionally, Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, Owner/CEO, pointed out that clients do not necessarily need to file for bankruptcy. Instead, their team will carefully analyze each case to determine the right solution, which in some cases may involve renegotiating the payment terms with the creditor.

The CEO added: “Here at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, we understand that financial uncertainty is a dark cloud that sadly affects many people, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many lost their businesses. Many people who experienced little financial hardship in the past suddenly lost their source of income and fell into deep debt. You can just imagine the difficulty faced by those that were already struggling financially in the first place. If there is anything that the past couple of years taught the world, it’s that it’s alright to ask for help. It is alright to say, “I’m struggling, and I need help.”

People in debt looking to stop harassing calls from creditors, stop foreclosures, or put a stop to wage garnishment can contact the Lincoln-Goldfinch Law bankruptcy lawyers for help. The attorneys also offer credit counseling services to clients who qualify for it. With the credit counseling service, clients will get a chance to understand options to explore before filing for bankruptcy and how to start on a new slate in the aftermath of the filing.

The Lincoln-Goldfinch Law team will also help clients conduct the means test to understand better the class of bankruptcy they qualify for and how much it will affect the outcome of their case. Those who pass the means test may enjoy debt forgiveness for their massive debts, while those who do not qualify, whether due to their income or earnings, will enjoy the benefits of debt consolidation. Borrowers looking to free themselves from debts can learn more about their Austin TX, office by scheduling a consultation meeting with the bankruptcy team.

Others Austin residents dealing with issues related to their immigration status can also contact the law firm for help. The immigration lawyers at the law firm offer legal aid, advice, and representation to clients in all immigration-related issues. They may be whether the client is planning to process a work visa, a temporary U.S. visa, or others. Individuals looking to reunite their families on U.S. soil can also contact immigration lawyers to discuss their options and the opportunities. Employers and employees looking to establish a work visa to bring talents into U.S. soil can discuss the process and appropriate visas for their needs with the attorneys.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is also available to help U.S. residents looking to obtain their green cards. The attorneys will walk clients through the process and provide personalized services from the start to the end of the immigration process.

The law firm is located at 1005 E 40th St, Austin TX, 78751, U.S., and can be reached via phone at (855) 502-0555. Visit their website for more information.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Lincoln-Goldfinch Law

Contact Person: Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch

Phone: (855) 502-0555

Address: 1005 E 40th St

City: Austin

State: TX

Postal Code: 78751

Country: USA



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