The Gorgeous Gia Tiny Is a Masterclass in Smart Minimalism


Although boasting no more than eight meters (26 feet) in length, this New Zealand-based home on wheels is anything but tiny. A spectacular double-height lounge is the crown jewel and a defining feature of the home’s European-inspired elegance, while an additional outdoor shower effectively expands the living spaces to the outdoors.

Gia is a simple name, but the design behind it reveals an unusual complexity. This ultra-modern house on wheels combines European-style home design with the characteristics of Kiwi and Aussie tiny homes. The result is a sophisticated home for two that enhances the connection with the outdoors while also creating the cozy, intimate ambiance that defines European tiny homes.

The Gia tiny is a compact housing alternative designed for one or two dwellers at most. Still, it uses the available space in the best way possible, resulting in an airy and bright interior with a seamless flow throughout. A lot of this is owed to the original layout without a single loft; most of the time, homes with a loft bedroom also feature a second, smaller loft that adds a sense of symmetry and balance. In this case, ditching the second loft allowed the designers to incorporate an unusually spacious lounge.

Gia Tiny’s relaxation area is a double-height lounge, and the effect is tremendous. It seems to visually expand far beyond the home’s 2.6-meter (8.5 feet) width and 4.2-meter (13.7 feet) height. It looks almost decadent for a small dwelling, with ample space surrounding its classic sofa and custom-made, stylish coffee table. This is not your typical cozy relaxation nook but a fancy, contemporary lounge space with a luxurious touch. The large windows and French doors – a typical Kiwi design feature – instantly turn this into an indoor/outdoor space that’s perfect for entertainment.

Gia Tiny House

Photo: Elite Tiny Homes

Having more space also translates to greater versatility. Gia’s lounge could easily include a dining setup, whether in the form of a traditional dining table with matching chairs or some sort of breakfast bar. It’s also roomy enough to add storage that’s easier to reach than the loft storage alternative.

This lavish lounge effortlessly spills onto the kitchen area as part of the contemporary open-plan layout. It’s a European-style kitchen with a beautiful countertop and elegant cabinetry. The staircase leading up to the loft bedroom features massive integrated cabinets with push-to-open systems. There’s a separate nook for the stainless steel digital inverter fridge, and the other premium appliances include a full-size oven and a four-burner gas stove, plus a range hood. The kitchen furniture was also specifically designed to include a dedicated compartment for the dishwasher.

Behind the custom-made barn-style door (an optional feature), Gia’s bathroom reveals its own surprises. Tiny homes this size rarely boast such an elegant kitchen. The feature that stands out the most is the unusually big vanity with a dedicated extension for housing the washing machine. This vanity takes full advantage of the bathroom’s width. Plus, there’s even more storage in the form of discrete shelves. This is paired with a generous 900-mm square shower cabin and an eco-friendly toilet. A big window adds lots of brightness, while the luxurious touches include an LED mirror and a heated towel rail. The incredible attention to detail turns this into a luxury resort-style bathroom that instantly amps Gia’s comfort standard.

Gia Tiny House

Photo: Elite Tiny Homes

The same attention to detail defines this beautiful tiny home’s overall style. The loft bedroom was designed to be as comfy as possible, with plush carpeting throughout, an elegant open-work handrail, and extra luminosity. In addition to the two windows that flank the bed, a skylight was added for even more natural light and beautiful views. At the same time, a sense of openness prevails, keeping this bedroom from becoming isolated and closed off. A person’s gaze can wander freely throughout the Gia home, top-to-bottom, which is essential for that feeling of spaciousness we all long for.

LED lights and high-quality double-glazed windows ensure customizable light and brightness all around Gia. The standard version comes with waterproof laminate flooring, which can be switched for a more luxurious herringbone option. Also as an option, the Gia tiny can be adapted for self-sufficiency with the addition of solar panels and water tanks. On the outside, the Siberian Larch cladding adds a premium look and guaranteed durability.

Behind Gia’s contemporary take on minimalist luxury, the high-quality build was meant to ensure comfortable year-round living and enhanced resistance. Sitting on a custom-built triple-axle trailer, Gia will also be easy to transport and easily relocatable in the future.

Gia Tiny House

Photo: Elite Tiny Homes

Last but not least, the outdoor hot water shower adds a signature Kiwi touch to this compact home on wheels. New Zealand tiny homes are all about maximizing the indoor/outdoor connection – it’s like being on vacation and enjoying the comfort of a luxury resort in your own home.

With a total floor space of 29 square meters (312 square feet), Gia is the largest model available at Elite Tiny Homes, a popular Kiwi builder, with a NZD 129,000 (less than $80,000) price tag. This is also one of the boldest and most innovative tiny house builders, with plans to eventually offer only 100% eco-friendly abodes made exclusively from natural and upcycled materials.


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