The Most Popular Living Room Colours For 2024


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most popular living room colours green
Little Greene

The ultimate in nature-inspired decoration, green is the most popular living room colour for 2024. The versatility of green makes it a bit of a gift in interior design, but doesn’t make it easier to narrow down your choice of colour combination – as a general rule, paler shades can desaturate rooms with lots of warm oranges and pinks, and deep greens are a great accent for neutral rooms.

Pictured: Belton Scenic Wallpaper and Ambleside paint, both at Little Greene



fireplace ideas
Cristian Barnett

There is always an argument for not fighting the natural characteristics of your home. If you have little natural light, or particularly low ceilings, it can be worth leaning into the cosiness of it all with a wash of grey on your walls.

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most popular living room colours blue
Rachel Whiting

The first of three blue shades on our list. If you introduce a heavy dose of blue into your living room colour scheme, there can be a tendency to pare back decoration elsewhere. It’s certainly not the only design route however, as you can see here, adding rust reds, warm mustard shades and piles of pattern makes for a warm and inviting space.

Pictured: Country Living Kirkton Sofa at DFS

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most popular living room colours

A much-maligned colour for parents and pet owners, but one that is hard to beat in a country living room. White can look stark or overly pristine, which can be offset by introducing warming elements such as painted wood, and a sumptuous off-white carpet.

Pictured: Country Living Camber Sands Carpet at Carpetright



most popular living room colours black
Mark Bolton Photography

Despite being one of the boldest of design decisions, black living rooms are proving more popular than classic cream. Decorating with black will naturally take a bit more consideration, but as a general rule of thumb, we would always be inclined to use an off-black – one that leans towards graphite grey, or mixed with a softening blue – with a subtle sheen to better catch natural light.

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red corner sofa in a cream living room

Classic cream came in sixth place, perhaps indicative of a move away from neutrals. Cream certainly doesn’t have to be plain, however, if you just consider it a base from which to build a richer living room colour scheme. We love the letterbox red used here on the room partition – a clever design device for rooms that lack natural light

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most popular living room colours
Darlings of Chelsea

Green-toned blues offer a bit more warmth than mid or light blues, an effect that can be further pronounced with the use of burnt orange or shades of reds. Teal is a particularly good choice if you tend to decorate with antiques as it sits so well with traditional woods such as mahogany or walnut.

Pictured: Tidworth Chair at Darlings of Chelsea



navy blue shelving in a living room
Mark Bolton Photography

If you’re decorating with a rich navy, take your design cues from this characterful country living room with bespoke bookshelves. A rich navy can look inky or even black without adequate natural light, but an abundance of bright accessories helps. Note too that the paint is taken up onto the ceiling and even matched in the sweet velvet curtain – a case for colour drenching smaller rooms for a cocooning effect.

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most popular living room colours

The warmest neutral on our list, beige is a great choice if you want a light but cocooning colour for your living room. Pale pastels may not be an instinctive colour pairing here, but we love how fresh and uplifting this room looks.

Pictured: Crumpet sofa at Loaf

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most popular living room colours 2023
Rachel Whiting

Pink has been slowly creeping back into interiors – Dulux’s colour of the year 2024 is a soft blush – hastened only by the popularity of the Barbie movie. But the real-world take is far more moderate, favouring a whisper-soft rose, natural clay or reddish mauve.

Pictured: Country Living Charlbury Sofa at DFS



most popular living room colours
Country Living


most popular living room colours red
Huntley Hedworth
Headshot of Rachel Edwards

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