This Stylish 28-ft Tiny Home on Wheels Is Perfect for a Comfortable Mobile Lifestyle


25 photos Photo: Aussie Tiny Houses Motorhomes and campervans are perfect for those with a…

Hazel 8.4 tiny house on wheels
25 photos

Photo: Aussie Tiny Houses

Motorhomes and campervans are perfect for those with a wandering heart. But there are people out there who’ve got itchy feet but want to explore the world without leaving behind the comforts of a real home. For them, a tiny home on wheels could be the perfect solution. Versatile, innovative, and easy on the eye, these mobile homes are not only beautifully designed but also packed with all the modern amenities you could need for a comfortable life on the road.

There are countless tiny house manufacturers out there designing and building high-quality small dwellings for a mobile lifestyle, but few tiny house models manage to offer a balanced mix of compactness, comfort, and mobility the way the Hazel 8.4 tiny home does. Crafted by the skilled team at Aussie Tiny Houses based on a design by Shaye’s Tiny Homes, this micro-home on wheels has everything you need, including a light-filled living room, a gorgeous kitchen, a dining area, a modern bathroom, and two spacious loft bedrooms with standing landing.

The Queensland-based company has been creating stunning micro dwellings since 2017, and they built a reputation far beyond the Australian borders. Every unit coming out of their shed stands out with innovative features, blending the typical Australian-style design, oriented towards the outdoors, with a contemporary layout and luxurious amenities.

Built on a triple-axle trailer, the Hazel 8.4 tiny house on wheels distinguishes itself from the crowd through a toned-down black and gray exterior and a welcoming interior that offers the perfect balance between contemporary openness and traditional, cozy privacy.

Hazel 8\.4 tiny house on wheels

Photo: Aussie Tiny Houses

It measures 28 feet (8.4 meters) in length and 8 feet (2.4 meters) in width, one of the most common sizes for tiny homes, making it easy to tow and relocate when required. The open-plan living/kitchen configuration combined with two separate sleeping lofts make it a great choice for a family of four. The two bedrooms are connected via a catwalk above the living room that offers full standing height. The ability to stand up and walk to the upstairs rooms is what makes it a true benchmark for tiny house design.

This home’s interior is stylishly decorated, and luxuries are well catered for throughout, with the right balance between form and function. Downstairs, you will find the typical open-plan configuration with a luminous lounge area located in the center of the house, offering seamless access to all the other areas. Impressively high ceilings accentuate the openness of the design, while the glass sliding doors turn the lounge into a splendid indoor/outdoor space for entertaining guests and enjoying the surrounding views. There is enough space for a comfortable full-size or L-shaped couch, and a long picture window brings in even more natural light.

The gorgeous kitchen is all about functionality and style, with modern stainless steel appliances and beautiful finishes. It is equipped with a full-size fridge, a wall oven, a two-burner cooktop, a microwave, and a dishwasher drawer option. Large cupboards and drawers ensure there is enough storage space for all your kitchen essentials.

Hazel 8\.4 tiny house on wheels

Photo: Aussie Tiny Houses

The feature that sets it apart from other tiny houses is the dining setup with a 6.6-foot (2-meter) breakfast bar. In true Australian fashion, it has been designed to seamlessly connect with the outdoors, being placed in front of a bi-fold window (an optional feature).

One of the highlights of the Hazel 8.4 model is the ingenious dual loft configuration. A single staircase leads upstairs, and there is a standing landing above the living room that connects the two bedrooms. This clever design choice eliminates the need for a ladder or a split staircase that would have taken up more space. Besides offering easy passage from one loft to the other, the walkway ensures standing room even on the upper level, making this model a game-changer in the world of tiny home design.

The master bedroom has all the qualities of a traditional bedroom. It is private thanks to a full-height separation wall, spacious enough to fit a queen-size bed with integrated storage drawers underneath, and intimately cozy. A large skylight and a narrow side window amplify spaciousness and add brightness.

Hazel 8\.4 tiny house on wheels

Photo: Aussie Tiny Houses

The secondary loft is a versatile space that can be used as a kid’s sleeping space, guest bedroom, study, TV room, or anything else. It can be fitted with either a double or a twin bed and some storage cabinets.

Considering this is a family-friendly tiny house, the designers made sure to integrate sufficient storage options, including within the staircase, under the sofa, and in the lofts.

The bathroom inside Hazel 8.4 follows the same contemporary style as the rest of the house and comes fully equipped with a glass-enclosed corner shower, a toilet, and a modern vanity. There is also space for a washing machine and linen storage cupboard. Brightness hasn’t been neglected in this part of the house either, with a floor-to-ceiling double-hung window inviting plenty of natural light in.

Hazel 8\.4 tiny house on wheels

Photo: Aussie Tiny Houses

The exterior of this micro-home is almost conventionally modern, finished in maintenance-free colorbond steel siding, and complemented by a metal roof, making it suitable for both rural settings and urban environments.

The model is also easily adaptable for an off-grid lifestyle, as the company offers the possibility to add solar panels and batteries. Moreover, it can be further upgraded with one of the company’s deck trailers if you want to expand your living space to the outdoors. Pricing for the Hazel 8.4 tiny home starts at AUD $133,900, which is about $88,000 at current exchange rates.


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