What People Earn 2022! ‘Parade’ Shares Real Salaries from Real Americans

What People Earn 2022

Can you make a living renting out your home or car? Is health care still a hot career? We answer those questions and more in Parade’s most popular edition, What People Earn, in which we reveal the state of work today. In our 40th annual salary survey, Parade peeks into the paychecks of working Americans (travel nurses, immigration lawyers, publicists, teachers, Airbnb hosts, home builders and more) and check out the high-earning celebs who cashed in this year. 

Work in 2022 and beyond is likely to include more flexible hours, a combination of in-office and remote work, workplaces that look and feel more like home, and more attention to a company culture that matches personal values

Dive in to find out what they love most about their career—and just how much they’re making.

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What People Earn Salaries 2022

Jessica Steinrock

Jessica Steinrock, 29

  • Chicago
  • Intimacy coordinator for actors
  • $86,000
  • “I love that my job supports incredible storytelling in a safe way and empowers actors to do their best work. I also help train the next generation of intimacy coordinators for theater, TV and film to create consensual workspaces across the arts.”


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