6 rules for a soothing living room, according to a design psychologist |


The way your home makes you feel is undeniably important. Whether you spend loads of time at home or simply retreat to your space at the end of long days, it’s important to curate a place that puts your mind at ease.

Amber Dunford, style director and design psychologist, has built a career around doing just that. With degrees in interior design and psychology, she now offers personalized design psychology lessons for designers and homeowners alike. And while every space impacts your mood, many of us spend most of our waking hours in the living room – that’s why Amber agrees it’s one of the most important places to get the design scheme right.

To get her top comforting, personalized living room ideas, we spoke with Amber about how she styles a space. These are the six rules she says you should always follow when designing a living room with well-being in mind.

blue living room with beige sofa and wooden furniture

(Image credit: Sherwin-Williams)

Your home should feel like a sanctuary, and it all starts with the design scheme. Paying attention to how each element of your home could be softer on the senses might require a bit more thought than picking out pretty fabrics, but the approach has an incredible impact when all’s said and done. Amber says that focusing on what feeling you’d like to get from the space when it’s finished is a perfect place to start.


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