contemporary home design style.
A contemporary home design style. PHOTO | COURTESY

House styles should be chosen carefully so as to blend with other homes in the neighbourhood while reflecting the home owner’s creativity.

The most popular types of houses in Kenya include contemporary, Victorian, colonial, Mediterranean, traditional and country.

1. Contemporary

Contemporary style is a modern house design with no style rules. These houses have audacious geometrical shapes, huge amounts of glass, large windows and roofs that are either flat or very steep often with great overhangs.

The exteriors are a mixture of brick, siding, wood, stucco and stone.

2. Victorian

Victorian houses are commonly referred to as Victorian style but this ‘style’ is a period in history when Queen Victoria reigned (1837—1901).

Victorian homes are usually characterised by steeply pitched roofs of irregular shapes with dominant front facing gable, asymmetrical porch and textured devices to avoid smooth-walled look.

These types of houses are designed to be both unique and high-class.

Victorian house style.
Victorian house style. PHOTO | COURTESY

3. Colonial

Colonial house styles are two or three storey homes with gable roofs and symmetrical façades. Common features of this style are columns and pillars at the entrances of the houses.

Double hung windows with shutters and huge panelled doors with sidelights topped with fanlights help beautify the exteriors which are usually brick or wood.

beautifully landscaped yard.
Colonial house style. PHOTO | COURTESY

4. Mediterranean

Mediterranean style homes resemble homes traditionally found in Mediterranean countries especially Italy, France and Spain.

Common features of these houses are low-pitched tile roof (often red), stucco siding, courtyard, patio or deck as well as arched windows and doors.

landscaping design
Mediterranean house style. PHOTO | FILE

5. Traditional

Traditional style homes are a mixture of many classics, simple design styles including colonial, country, Victorian and more.

It is therefore hard to define a traditional home, but traditional generally refers to any style that is remindful of a design of a certain era.

Common features of this style include simple roofs, little decoration and symmetrically spaced windows. Their exteriors are usually brick or wood.

A Traditional style house.
A Traditional style house. PHOTO | COURTESY

6. Country

Country is the most popular types of house designs in Kenya. It is characterised by a large front or wrap-around porch that is topped with a gabled roof.

country style house.
A country style house. PHOTO | COURTESY

A country house’s roof-line runs lengthwise with a steep slope – giving a casual and informal appearance.


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